7th International Workshop on Requirements Engineering Education and Training

Call for Papers

May 28th, 2012
Following the theme of RE 12, “Uncertainty”, REET 12 elicits papers and presentations that offer innovative strategies or proposals to address some of the challenges in RE Education and Training. Given the breadth of industrial disciplines where RE is relevant, how are academic institutions addressing questions of curriculum and evaluation? Within industry, how might RE education and training be offered to practitioners who may be quite proficient in their primary disciplines but find themselves less confident when they must specify requirements for a project or product? In addition to topics related to curriculum development, innovative contributions related to pedagogical techniques for teaching RE skills are strongly encouraged. Submissions could take the form of experience reports or demonstrations of specific teaching techniques and training materials, in either industrial or academic contexts.
Papers will be accepted in either of the following formats:
Position papers (3-5 pages):
  • Short papers stating the position of the author(s) on any of the topics within the scope of the workshop. For example, position papers could describe experiences with a particular method for teaching an RE related skill within an industrial context, or could describe an innovative approach to incorporating RE education into the degree curriculum. Position papers will be evaluated based on their potential for generating discussion, and on the originality of the positions expressed.
Full papers (8-10 pages):
  • Full papers describing requirements engineering educational techniques, survey results, or experiential reports. For example, a full paper might describe a specific technique for teaching an RE skill and include a case study describing its implementation and evaluation of its effectiveness as well as lessons learnt. As another example, a full paper might describe a mature tool for supporting RE training.
Pedagogical activity papers (2-4 pages + supporting documentation):
  • Pedagogical papers will describe a teaching activity and provide all of the materials needed to reproduce that activity in the classroom. Authors of full and position papers, plus anyone else interested in attending the workshop are encouraged to also submit a pedagogical activity. Teaching activities will be documented using a predefined format, and will focus on one or more RE skills, define target audience and learning goals, provide step-by-step guidelines for conducting the activity, include student hand-outs or associated slides, describe the context of the activity, and briefly comment on its prior use in the classroom.
Important Dates for you to remember:
  • June 18, 2012 - Paper submission (extended deadline)
  • July 16, 2012 - Author notification
  • August 6, 2012 - Camera ready
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